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The Langley High School band maintains a Shutterfly site where band photos are organized and can be downloaded.


Anyone can view and download them!

To share your LHS band photos on our Shutterfly site:

  • If you have a few to share you can email them to the webmaster.

  • To upload photos you must be a member of the band's Shutterfly page -- just submit a member request using the option at the top of the Shutterfly page and the webmaster immediately gives you access.

  • To upload photos, click on the "+" sign on the middle right of our Shutterfly page to create an album and upload. Or, to add to an event/album already created, just click "edit" on that album and then you can "add photos."

Thank you for sharing your photos! Our site address is  Click the link or the logo!


Note: Shutterfly is ending its shared site pages in late March 2023. As a result, our webmaster is migrating all photos in our site (from 2009 to present) to a Google Photos account. This account will become the new home of LHS Band photos. 

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Langley High School Band

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